What Are the Benefits of a Decentralized Business Structure?

In a centralized business structure, not all employees have the authority to make decisions, which can result in a lack of initiative. On the other hand, in decentralized management, decisions are often made by mid or low-level managers instead of exclusively by the head of the company.

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Effective Ways to Interview and Hire Remote Employees

Thanks to technological advancements, more and more employers are hiring remote employees from around the globe and allowing them to be productive anytime and anywhere they can access a stable Internet connection. In today’s blog post, local conference room rental provider 4Corners Business Centers provides some tips for interviewing and hiring remote employees.

Workplace Psychological Safety: Its Importance and Benefits

Psychological Safety is important for every person, whether it’s at home or the workplace. When it comes to the workplace, providing a psychologically safe space is important since it correlates with high levels of innovation and performance. In a psychologically safe space, employees will see work as a place to learn instead of a place to dread. With that in mind, employers should take great pains to ensure that the workspace can be a safe place for their employees.

The 6 Characteristics Remote Employees Should Have

With the advancement of technology, remote work is becoming more widespread. Since this employment opportunity is becoming more common, more and more young men and women are starting to take advantage of it. After all, remote work allows them to earn a living from the comfort of their homes. However, before an employer hires them for the job, they should at least have a certain set of qualities that will determine if they’re suitable.

The Science of an Effective Meeting

Though advancements in digital technology have made our lives more convenient in many ways, there are also some negatives. One of those is the fact that the attention span of the average person is plummeting, with a recent study by Microsoft Corp estimating it to be as low as eight seconds. There are many downsides to this, not the least of which is the struggle of holding an effective meeting.

How 5G Technology Will Empower the Digital Workplace

Advancements in technology are changing the workplace for everyone, especially now that more and more elements of the traditional office space are giving way to digital solutions. One of these advancements is the standards-based mobile 5G service that has the potential to completely revolutionize the way we work in much the same way the Internet did. Here are three ways this technology will change the digital workplace over the coming years, according to industry analysts and experts:

How a Noisy Environment Affects the Workplace

Noise in the workplace may seem like a trivial issue, but excessive sounds can have a negative impact on the physical and mental state of your employees. Regardless of the source of the noise, it can negatively affect your company. Read on as 4Corners Business Centers, the premier source of quality conference room rental, discusses the effects of too much noise on your employees: