The Science of an Effective Meeting

Though advancements in digital technology have made our lives more convenient in many ways, there are also some negatives. One of those is the fact that the attention span of the average person is plummeting, with a recent study by Microsoft Corp estimating it to be as low as eight seconds. There are many downsides to this, not the least of which is the struggle of holding an effective meeting.

In today’s post, 4Corners Business Centers, a leading provider of meeting room rental solutions, examines the facts and discusses the science of a productive meeting. Here are some useful tips to consider:

Pay Attention

It is sadly a given that meeting attendees’ attention spans are likely to be pretty short, so make sure that whatever bandwidth they do bring is dedicated to the task. Cell phones and laptops can be a huge distraction, and even though many people agree that it is disrespectful to answer calls or read emails during meetings, they still do it anyway. Consider also enforcing a “no one-on-ones” or “no side conversations” rule to minimize unnecessary chit chat so people remain focused for the duration of the meeting.

Set The Intention of the Meeting In Advance

Having a clear agenda helps keep the meeting focused, saves valuable time and helps the attendees to focus exclusively on the matters at hand. Also, before scheduling a meeting, ask yourself if it’s really necessary, or if you couldn’t accomplish the same task via email. This is especially important in situations where time is limited, like in an office space rental scenario, where every minute spent counts.

Don’t Make Waves

Almost every meeting has a ripple effect that stretches beyond the meeting leader and attendees. Any productive meeting requires undivided focus and input from the attendees, meaning their other responsibilities will likely need to be shouldered by a team member not in the room for the time being. When a colleague picks up the slack for a meeting attendee, who then picks up the colleague’s slack? This wave creates a ripple effect that will impact multiple team members. So be mindful of everyone’s time.

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