Workplace Psychological Safety: Its Importance and Benefits

Psychological Safety is important for every person, whether it’s at home or the workplace. When it comes to the workplace, providing a psychologically safe space is important since it correlates with high levels of innovation and performance. In a psychologically safe space, employees will see work as a place to learn instead of a place to dread. With that in mind, employers should take great pains to ensure that the workspace can be a safe place for their employees.

In this post, 4Corners Business Centers, one of America’s leading meeting room providers, explains the benefits of a psychologically safe workplace and how to build one.

Increased Collaboration

A team won’t be able to be productive if there’s no collaboration involved and this can easily occur because of poor psychological safety in the workplace. However, having a psychologically safe workplace can increase collaboration amongst the members of the team, allowing them to work well with one another.

Improved Employee Wellbeing

A person’s mental and physical health are correlated to one another, meaning if one deteriorates so does the other. Workplaces with poor psychological safety can easily wear on an employee’s mental wellbeing, and, by extension, their physical health. With better psychological safety in the workplace, your employees can find joy in their work and have a stable mental and physical wellbeing.

Employee Attraction and Retention

Toxic working environments is one of the reasons people leave their jobs, even if their office is only in a business center. Therefore, if a workplace has a high psychological safety, employees are more likely to stay in their jobs and even recommend the work to their friends who are looking for employment.

High Performing Culture

Psychologically safe workplaces are the sought after work environment that most people are looking for. If an office is psychologically safe, employees will be more than willing to do their best at work since they enjoy iy.

How To Build a Psychologically Safe Workplace?

There are three levels that make up psychological safety in the workplace. The first is organizational support, where the entire office is supportive and provides the necessary resources and communication lines for their employees to perform well in their work. Leadership behavior is another factor in building a safe working space as approachable leaders invite feedback from their employees.

Finally, team dynamics are also important, so not one person feels left out. With good team dynamics, every person is welcomed and is treated like family. If your workplace has all three of these, then it’s a place where positive mental health can thrive.

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