How 5G Technology Will Empower the Digital Workplace

Advancements in technology are changing the workplace for everyone, especially now that more and more elements of the traditional office space are giving way to digital solutions. One of these advancements is the standards-based mobile 5G service that has the potential to completely revolutionize the way we work in much the same way the Internet did. Here are three ways this technology will change the digital workplace over the coming years, according to industry analysts and experts:

Improved Bandwidth

Limited bandwidth and coverage, as well as strong mobile access, are critical to an efficient and productive digital workplace. At the moment, many users aren’t even at 4G speeds, with a good number still stuck at 3G, meaning much slower connections for getting work done. Given the importance of wider coverage and stronger bandwidth to digital workplaces, higher speeds will always be a welcome development.

Connected Everything

5G technology will connect the workplace more seamlessly and help improve productivity. Resources like smart conference rooms, virtual office space, office automation and AI integration into everyday technology will not only become the norm, but will be a key index in maximizing workplace productivity.

Real-Time Sync

The introduction of 5G technology to the digital workplace will significantly speed up the data sync rate between your device and the cloud. Users can expect real-time cloud processing, which will provide access to potentially unlimited data storage and even more processing power via the cloud, including real-time video interaction.


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