Formal Dress Code at Work: Pros and Cons

In the workplace, dress code policies are enforced because they’re good for business. This is especially true for those who need to interact with clients or customers on a daily basis in their office space.

Today, 4Corners Business Centers discusses the pros and cons of upholding a formal dress code in the workplace:


  • Clean and Neat Appearance – Employees of companies that enforce strict dress codes appear more professional. Their clean and neat appearance helps the company make a good impression.

  • Productivity – Work clothes have a psychological effect on employees. Studies show that those who dress up for work tend to be more efficient and productive. Even employees who are working at home or at a virtual office space should dress appropriately for the job. This can improve their mood and will help set their mind into “work mode.”

  • Avoids Making People Stand Out – Proper implementation of a dress code makes it hard for anyone to stand out in a negative manner. Without strict dress codes, some workers may come to work looking too formal or too casual. This may cause embarrassment and misunderstanding among employees.


  • Builds Resentment – If employees do not understand why the company is imposing strict dress codes, they may begin to resent the management.

  • Can Reduce Productivity – Though a formal dress code can make employees more productive, the reverse can also be true. Some dress policies make employees feel uncomfortable, especially if the fit is not right (which happens in offices where uniforms are ordered in bulk). Inappropriate dress code implementation can inhibit movement and decrease productivity throughout the day.

  • Block Creativity – Some people show their creative side with what they wear, and if they are forced to dress in clothes that contradict their taste, it may restrict their freedom. Take those working at a virtual office, for example. Some of them tend to choose casual clothing rather than formalwear. If they don’t have to face clients anyway, it might be better to let them choose their preferred attire.

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