5 Conference Room Etiquette Rules to Follow

Conference rooms are shared spaces where professionalism is valued above all else. Whether you’re the one who set up the meeting or one of the attendees, it’s important to conduct yourself in such a manner that will reflect well on the company you represent. To avoid misunderstandings and embarrassing blunders, meeting room rental company, 4Corners Business Centers, lists five conference room etiquette rules it’s important to follow.

Learn How to Hold More Productive Meetings With Your Employees

Are you having trouble keeping your employees engaged during meetings? Lack of interest, poor ambiance and length of the meeting could all be contributing to this problem. Thankfully, there are ways to address this. Read on for tips from 4Corners Business Centers, Inc., New York’s top office space rental company.

Simple Tips to End Your Meetings on a Positive Note

Running effective meetings is important if you want your employees to be productive. As a leader, you need to plan meetings with a purpose, create realistic and effective agendas, and keep the meeting on track. Finally, you need to learn how to end meetings on a positive note. In today’s post, 4 Corners Business Centers, the top choice for office space rental, provides some tips:

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Healthy Work Environment 101: Importance and Tips

Your employees’ well being plays a major role in their performance, which is why 4Corners Business Centers promotes establishing a healthier work environment. Whether your employees work in a virtual or actual office space rental, the more health-conducive it is, the more productive your employees will be. CoreNet Global, a professional organization of corporate real estate executives, administered an informal poll to evaluate the importance of wellness in the workplace. Let’s take a look at the results:

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