Healthy Work Environment 101: Importance and Tips

Your employees’ well being plays a major role in their performance, which is why 4Corners Business Centers promotes establishing a healthier work environment. Whether your employees work in a virtual or actual office space rental, the more health-conducive it is, the more productive your employees will be. CoreNet Global, a professional organization of corporate real estate executives, administered an informal poll to evaluate the importance of wellness in the workplace. Let’s take a look at the results:

Interpreting the Numbers

At least 80% of the poll’s respondents agreed that corporate wellness initiatives are a “significant trend” while only 20% saw it as a “passing fad.” This means a majority of the working force considers it important that their employer prioritizes creating a healthy work environment. In fact, 62% even shared that their employers had already initiated such measures.

Creating a Healthy Work Environment

A healthy work environment can help you achieve a lucrative business. It’s also a great way to show your workers that you value them. Research shows that some common stressors for employees are defective work equipment and cramped office space. We suggest looking for a working space or a conference room rental that has a good location, capable facilities, and reliable Internet connections.

At 4Corners Business Centers, we offer virtual office solutions that come standard with a reliable receptionist to take your important calls and receive your letters and packages. They also include a premier downtown Brooklyn address and local phone number. They are fully furnished with a great-sized office desk and chairs, conference rooms, and even fast and FREE Wi-Fi connections. You have the option to rent our office space weekly, daily, or even hourly.

In addition to flexible meeting room rental conditions, we also offer document copying, faxing, and scanning services. By providing your employees with a good office location and well-functioning equipment, you can reduce their stress and put you one step closer to establishing a healthy work environment.

For more tips on creating a positive working space, call us at (718) 280-5170 or complete our form. We serve Scarsdale, NY, and nearby areas.