5 Conference Room Etiquette Rules to Follow

Conference rooms are shared spaces where professionalism is valued above all else. Whether you’re the one who set up the meeting or one of the attendees, it’s important to conduct yourself in such a manner that will reflect well on the company you represent. To avoid misunderstandings and embarrassing blunders, meeting room rental company, 4Corners Business Centers, lists five conference room etiquette rules it’s important to follow.

Book Early

In a busy workplace, meetings are inevitable. Make it a habit to book your meeting room as soon as you find out the final date of your meeting. Booking your meeting room early shows that you’re on top of your tasks and can be trusted with crucial duties. It also saves you from the hassle and embarrassment of last-minute meeting room bookings. If your meeting gets canceled, you should likewise cancel your booking as soon as you have confirmed the meeting cancellation.

Don’t Double-Book

Don’t reserve more meeting rooms than you need. Be considerate and leave other rooms for your co-workers.

Clean as You Go

Whether it’s your company’s conference room or a conference room rental, take care not to leave a mess after your meeting. Not only is it just good manners, cleaning up after yourself is easy.  Pick up any crumpled papers from off the floor once the meeting is finished, and bring your disposable coffee cup with you when you leave.

Be Prompt

Arrive on time to maximize meeting hours. Leave immediately after the meeting has been concluded to give the next occupants enough time to set up for their meeting. Be careful not to overextend into the time slot of your co-workers.

Close the Doors

Be considerate to the entire office. Keeping the doors closed during meetings reduces distractions, both for those inside and outside the meeting room.

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