4 Types of Meetings Your Business Should Have

Meetings are a key element of any business. Teams need to gather to brainstorm ideas, discuss issues and make decisions. Without productive meetings, your staff may lose sight of the over-arching mission and work inefficiently.


While each type of meeting has its own objectives, executing a meeting properly will help you create a roadmap to success. Read on as 4Corners Business Centers, the leading choice for office space rental, discusses four types of meetings you should conduct:

1. Daily Huddles

This 15-minute meeting is highly effective but can be hard to master. It aims to inform others what you’ve recently finished, what you’re working on next and what problems you’re facing. If you’re having trouble keeping your huddle under 15 minutes, try standing up throughout the meeting. You may also ask everyone to write down what they plan to say on a small piece of paper ahead of time.

2. Weekly Priorities

Usually done once a week, this meeting is where your team commits to accomplishing certain tasks in the coming days. You’ll need to look at your quarterly goals and the results so far, then the members will define their upcoming tasks. This leaves everyone with a clear set of expectations.

3. Monthly Review

This meeting is a status check on your progress. It focuses on which methods are working and which aren’t, as well as the tasks needed to get things back on track. Be sure that you stick to your quarterly plans unless there’s something wrong with your current objectives. This meeting may last several hours, so make sure to book a meeting room rental with top-quality amenities. This will keep everyone focused.

4. Quarterly Objectives

To advance toward your long-term goals, having quarterly objectives is key. This allows you to decide which priorities and objectives will be the most significant over the next three months. Keep in mind, however, that this isn’t about planning regular work. This is strategic work that can be achieved through dedicated effort.

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