Work Powerfully with These Effective Time Management Tips

According to a research conducted by Microsoft, employees are only productive for about 60% of their working hours. If you apply this with your business, you will realize just how much money is going to waste for unproductive hours.

As the leading provider of virtual office in Brooklyn, we understand that entrepreneurs encounter distractions that hinder full productivity. Here are four tips to help you manage and control your time:

Plan Your Schedule

Take control of your day to increase productivity and minimize wasted time. Plan a week’s worth of schedule and make sure to incorporate all the important events you need to attend. Write a to-do list of all activities and conversations and set them according to priority. Establish discipline and stick with each timeframe to make the most of your day.

List Your Goals

Before every call and task, take a few minutes to decide on which results you want to achieve. This way, you can keep yourself on track of your progress. You can also reflect on the aspects you missed from your previous call or activity, and make the necessary changes on your approach.

Make Leeway for Delays

Not everything may go your way, so make sure to create leeway for interruptions and any urgent task that may come up. If you allot time for unintended activities, such as emergency meetings, you can easily adjust your schedule without compromising the quality of your work.

Block Off Distractions

When you reach your office space in Brooklyn, you have to make sure you are fully productive to achieve your goals. Placing a “Do not disturb” sign will help you block off distractions. Learn to ignore low-priority phone calls and emails when you are dealing with important tasks. Disconnect instant messages and only offer immediate attention to emergencies. Unless you need forms of social media to generate your business, turn them off as they can take time.

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