Creating a Professional Business Image With Virtual Offices

While a commercial address can greatly benefit your business, it can also drain your funds, especially if you are just starting. Rather than spending on an office space and equipment, we recommend investing in a virtual office space instead. 4Corners Business Centers offers virtual offices that can create the same professional corporate image without the hefty costs. We discuss more today:

Attorneys Who Practice in New York Must Have An Office in New York

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals recently came out with a ruling that upheld a 154-year-old requirement that lawyers who practice in New York State and do not live in the State must keep a physical address in the State.  Consequently, out-of-state attorneys who want to practice in New York must have a physical location … Read more

The Importance of a Business Address

I recently attended a networking event at a conference room rental in Brooklyn. Everyone sat around a large rectangular table and exchanged business cards. Most of those attending owned small businesses or were professionals including lawyers, accountants, and financial professionals. The business cards, without exception, listed an e-mail, a website, and a telephone number. However, … Read more

6 Key Survival Strategies for Entrepreneurs

While a lot of people may think that working in a start-up is fun and exciting, understand that it is not exactly a stroll at the park. Yes, you will definitely have those happy hours. But in most times, you will have to work intensely if you want the business to make it big. So, to help you survive as an entrepreneur, here are some tips you should follow.

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4 Great Tips to Ensure Productive Meetings

Meetings that don’t accomplish anything are one of the worst things to happen at work. If you want your meetings to be dynamic and productive, then make sure to follow these tips. 4Corners Business Centers gives four ways to make the most of your meetings.

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3 Steps You Need To Take Before Becoming An Entrepreneur

Thinking of leaving your job and becoming an entrepreneur? Look before you leap, and create a detailed plan to transition into your new life. This is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, and it is not to be taken lightly. 4Corners Business Centers details the steps you need to take to make the switch.

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Why Color and Design in Your Workspace Matters

Who can deny that a workspace full with the air of positivity can be a great motivator for your employees and clients alike? In fact, according to a study from the Ohio State University and the National Institute of Mental Health, the working conditions in an office play a major role in how employees handle their work and how they react to stress. After more than a year of observations, scientist found that workers in old offices with low ceilings and loud air conditioners were likely to be more significantly stressed than workers in bright and open workspaces. And you know what they say about personnel—a happy employee is a productive employee.

According to the same study, even the design and colors inside an office can really make a big difference. Scientists say that red walls are more likely to produce employees who have better skills requiring accuracy and attention to detail, while blue is said to be a more encouraging environment for enhancing creativity.

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