The Importance of a Business Address

I recently attended a networking event at a conference room rental in Brooklyn. Everyone sat around a large rectangular table and exchanged business cards. Most of those attending owned small businesses or were professionals including lawyers, accountants, and financial professionals. The business cards, without exception, listed an e-mail, a website, and a telephone number. However, I was amazed at how many of the business cards did not list a virtual office in Brooklyn NY. I decided to do a little investigation and ask the owners of those business cards why they did not list an address. The number one reason for not listing a business address was that they worked from home or were constantly on the road and met clients at the clients’ offices. Some had used meeting room rental Brooklyn space before, but none had considered conference room rental Brooklyn as a solution.


This is why you must have an office address, even if you do not use it: (1) Legitimacy and Credibility: companies get websites to show that they are legitimate and really exist. However, how many websites have you come across that are a front for an illegitimate or nonexistent business. A real office address give your company legitimacy and credibility. Nothing like bricks and mortar to make clients believe that you are a successful business. (2) Accountability: Clients want to know that you are accountable for your business and that there is a real place they can go to in case something goes wrong. (3) Professional Business Image: Image is everything. Not only do you need a business address, but you need a prestigious business address in the best location for your type of business. When you do not have a business address on your card or your website, potential clients will assume you work from home and see you as a small and unsuccessful business.


At 4Corners Business Centers we can provide you with a mailing address at one of downtown Brooklyn’s most prestigious business address. For as little as $79/month you will receive a prestigious address where your mail will be collected and held, you get set up in a single day, and you don’t have to spend money on furniture. Moreover, if you need to see a client, we have private offices and meeting rooms that you can rent by the hour without a long-term lease.