3 Ways to Boost Sharing and Collaboration in Virtual Offices

Working remotely has its benefits: flexibility, mobility and independence. However, there are drawbacks too. One of the primary obstacles faced by people working in virtual setups is difficulty building relationships with far-flung colleagues.

Effective communication is just as important in a virtual office space in Brooklyn as in a traditional office setup. Here are three ways you can improve the way you communicate, share and work with your virtual team.

  1. Invest in the right tools.

Make the most of instant messaging, e-mail and other services to communicate frequently and openly with your team. Use file-sharing programs to download and upload content freely and promptly. Set up audio and videoconferencing to conduct meetings.

Here’s a tip: when using teleconferencing tools, speak slowly and clearly. Try to act as if you’re in the same room with everyone. This can help reduce awkwardness and boost rapport within the team. Keep in mind, though, that all these rely heavily on fast and secure Internet connectivity. So it’s important to invest in technology if you’re working in a virtual office space.

  1. Establish a healthy working environment.

You have to remember that you’re working with a team of diverse and highly educated specialists. These people are often the best in their fields. Personalities, opinions and ideas will clash, especially with larger teams. Some virtual team managers might let these issues slide, but it’s incredibly important that you address these concerns when they arise.

Encourage honest and frequent discussions, whether it’s by phone, e-mail or teleconferencing. This is the most effective way to avoid misunderstandings and improve collaboration. Teach your team to listen actively when someone else is talking. Allowing people to ask for clarification when something isn’t clear will also have a positive impact on their productivity.

  1. Be professional.

The first step to building trust is keeping your word and appointments. When you schedule a virtual meeting or agree on a deadline, make sure you follow through. As a leader, you need to demonstrate a professional work ethic so that your team will know they can rely on you.

Consider hiring an experienced receptionist if you need help to keep track of your business. Some office space providers offer receptionist services. When you rent a virtual office space with 4Corners Business Centers, we’ll assign a highly trained receptionist who will manage your calls, mail and packages per your instructions.

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