Creating a Professional Business Image With Virtual Offices

While a commercial address can greatly benefit your business, it can also drain your funds, especially if you are just starting. Rather than spending on an office space and equipment, we recommend investing in a virtual office space instead. 4Corners Business Centers offers virtual offices that can create the same professional corporate image without the hefty costs. We discuss more today:

How Can It Benefit My Business?

Having a virtual office is an excellent way for start-ups and home-based businesses to present a professional business image to their clients without the expenses of renting an actual office. Here’s how:

  • A live receptionist. Our virtual office package comes with a professional receptionist ready to answer all your business calls. This not only enhances your professional image but also speaks volumes about your company’s operation.

  • A local telephone number. Having a local area code number can help broaden your business’ network with the locals. It also presents a more trustworthy image for local customers than a number with a foreign area code.

  • A specialized company number. We also offer a local telephone number as your business’ facsimile line to help local consumers with their faxing concerns.

  • A corporate mailing address.  Having a commercial mailing address is one of the key components in building a reputable business. It helps identify the location and nature of your business.

  • A custom voicemail. With a customized voicemail, you can extend your business interactions after office hours. Choose from a range of individual prerecorded introductions for one that suits your business.

Where Can I Find Virtual Offices? 

4Corners Business Centers can readily provide a virtual office space for your company. Our renowned Brooklyn office provides an easily accessible and professional space for meeting prospective clients. Located in a state-of-the-art office complex, our offices come with various corporate amenities and services to satisfy all your business needs. With easy access to all the major highways, you can put your business at the heart of the hustle and bustle. We also have an on-site receptionist ready to receive any parcels and mail delivered, ensuring that they get to you on time.

Invest in a quality virtual office from 4Corners Business Centers today. We offer a range of customizable packages, allowing you to easily add other services. Call us at (718) 280-5170 to learn more about our virtual office packages. We serve Brooklyn and the surrounding NY areas.