5 Common Myths About Virtual Offices, Debunked

Setting up your first virtual office space can be your first step towards your business’s future. Unfortunately, myths about virtual offices may make you wary about choosing this option. Today, 4Corners Business Centers gives debunks five common myths about virtual office spaces to give you a better idea of the advantages this set-up can offer.

Tips on Diffusing Workplace Conflict at a Team Meeting

Conflict in the workplace happens every once in a while, and, if not addressed quickly and effectively, it can undermine your team’s productivity and create a toxic atmosphere. Let 4Corners Business Centers worry about the office space rental while you focus on keeping your team together. Here are some tips on how to defuse workplace conflict at your next team meeting.

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In-Person Meetings Still Matter in the Virtual Office

The virtual office space allows companies–both large and small–to do away with hindrances associated with traditional office spaces. Despite the prevalence of virtual offices and the increasingly advanced technologies that optimize remote work, nothing still beats an old-fashioned, in-person meeting.