Employer Branding Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Branding is more critical than ever in the age of social media. Whether you’re operating in a virtual office space or out of your own home, you’ll need to build a strong presence for your brand to take root and grow.

Here are some common branding mistakes to avoid if you want your company to flourish:

Not Addressing Publicity Issues

No company is perfect, and bad publicity can strike at any time. For example, if you receive a bad online review from a customer, you won’t be doing yourself any favors by ignoring it. Make an effort to address negative feedback in a civil and professional manner. A company that is proactive in employer branding is a good one.

Losing Touch With Your Employees

Whether working in a virtual office space or a physical one, you need to keep in regular contact with your employees. Keep in mind that if employees are happy, referrals will come easy as they’ll proactively scout for premier talent. On the other hand, unhappy employees will not keep quiet about it, which can negatively affect your brand.

Not Announcing Your Accomplishments

Be vocal about your successes. While you are working to build a presence in your market, state the things you’re most proud of about your business. By doing so, you can create an image in the psyche of the public. Making charitable donations, participating in community drives and other such activities are things that can speak volumes about your company’s identity.

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