5 Common Myths About Virtual Offices, Debunked

Setting up your first virtual office space can be your first step towards your business’s future. Unfortunately, myths about virtual offices may make you wary about choosing this option. Today, 4Corners Business Centers gives debunks five common myths about virtual office spaces to give you a better idea of the advantages this set-up can offer.

Myth 1: Virtual Offices Make Workers Less Productive

On the contrary, workers are far more focused on their daily tasks when they work in virtual offices. Even without a boss supervising them, office workers are more productive, as they have fewer distractions that may keep them from meeting their deadlines or quotas.

Myth 2: Your Remote Workers Will Work Wherever They Want

You’re probably worried that the workers populating your virtual office space will work wherever they want, whenever they want. While there may be some exceptions, you should also remember that it’s not possible to work just anywhere. Not all locations are suitable for concentration, such as a beach or a noisy park. Most successful virtual office workers often have a go-to private place, such as a room at home, where they can work in peace, away from distractions.

Myth 3: Communication Suffers in a Virtual Office

Communication tools like file sharing and video calls allow remote workers to interact and form a team without ever being in one place at the same time. However, offsite meetups are also possible when you need to have a face-to-face meeting with your workers or coworkers.

Myth 4: Virtual Space Puts Data at Risk

With today’s technology, you can have the peace of mind knowing your data is safe even in when all you have is a virtual office. There are many advanced software tools to enable workers to easily encrypt data and transfer it to a cloud server or to each other with significantly reduced risk. Whatever data risks exist for virtual offices are no greater than those faced by actual offices.

Myth 5: Virtual Offices Are Costly

Virtual offices are far more affordable and flexible than standard offices. The lack of maintenance, overhead, and amenities costs keeps your bills low, so you can save money for other important improvements for your company.

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