How to Lead Virtual Office Employees

Technology is steadily evolving, and remote working is on the rise as well. The virtual office space is now a staple for small and even well-established businesses, providing much-needed flexibility that the standard office setup can’t match.

There are some challenges with this setup, though, specifically how to lead a remote group effectively. 4 Corners Business Centers discuss tips to keep in mind when managing a virtual office.

Communication Is Key

Communication plays a key role in the virtual office setup. The biggest hurdle here is that many remote teams feel that they aren’t quite as connected to their leadership as their in-house coworkers.

The solution is quite simple: as leaders, you should establish effective communication with your remote team. Don’t limit yourself to just addressing the “leader” of the remote team. Make sure each person receives all the relevant communication.

Keep in mind that communication is a two-way avenue. As you continue to communicate with your remote team, you should also give them the freedom to talk to you directly. On top of emails, make the most out of new technology, such as chat apps and video calls.

Resolving Power Struggles

Workers who physically see each other in the office space are more inclined to listen to each other than remote teams with their own remote leadership. Eventually, power struggles might occur where the team might question the decisions of the remote leadership.

Again, effective communication plays a big role here. Address these struggles immediately, as ignoring them might exacerbate the problem. Get all the remote employees on board, address their concerns and explain the reasoning behind the disagreements. The fact that you’re opening a channel for effective communication between team members shows that you value what they think.

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