Retaining Top Talent: How to Improve Workplace Wellness

In an oversaturated job market, companies should have no problem hiring employees. However, hiring top talent is one thing; getting those employees to stay is another. Today, 4Corners Business Centers, a provider of state-of-the-art conference room rentals, shares some tips on how to retain your top-performing employees.

A Shift in Strategy

The importance of physical wellness to an employee’s productivity is well established. That’s why it’s not uncommon for large corporations to offer gym memberships, nutrition counseling and smoking cessation programs to their employees.

However, physical wellness is just one component of workplace wellness, which is something employees take into account when they’re considering a job offer. We’ve suggested some ways you can help improve overall workplace wellness below.

Don’t Forget the Importance of Human Interaction

Remote work involves a lot of teleconferencing and communication online, but face to face interaction in a meeting room is sometimes impossible. Unfortunately, there’s just no substitute for face-to-face discussions. Remember, meaningful human interaction and a shared sense of purpose are essential to workplace wellness.

Offer Flexible Work Arrangements

A study commissioned by analytics company Werk found that flexible work arrangements, such as remote work or flexible schedules, gave employees more time to care for their physical and mental health. More than just gym perks and healthcare benefits, employees want control over their time. Yes, most employees want flexible work schedules to make more time for their loved ones, but flexi-schedules can boost productivity too.

Giving employees more control over their time allows them more freedom to innovate and improve their productivity levels. This is the reason why Silicon Valley companies allow their engineers to allocate 20% of their time to personal projects.

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