Why Oversized Meeting Rooms Are an Expensive Mistake for Businesses

Meeting rooms are important for any business, but some companies make the mistake of investing in spaces that are way too large for their needs. This ends up costing them money that would be better invested in other areas of the business.

Today, 4Corners Business Centers reveals the cost-saving benefits of choosing by-reservation meeting rooms.

The Study

According to Density, meeting rooms are used by just one employee 36% percent of the time. This is due to the inability of workers to find private areas for video calls and loss of work focus in open-office layouts. Therefore, as a consequence, individual employees tend to monopolize meeting rooms that were designed for groups. By using tracking space utilization, Density was able to identify the mismatches between the way meeting rooms were designed and how they’re actually used.

The Results

Based on the findings by Density, 40% of all meetings involve two to four people. Large meetings were found to be relatively rare, with 85% of meetings having fewer than seven attendees. Only 6% of meetings actually included more than 10 people. The study found that investing in impractically large meeting spaces can cause a business to lose more than $10,000. This is where by-reservation meeting rooms are advantageous, as they allow a business to reserve a room on demand that suits the exact needs of the meeting. If you’re in need of a meeting room or conference room rental, don’t hesitate to turn to 4Corners Business Centers.

How to Prevent Losing Money on Inappropriately Sized Meeting Rooms

While it may seem logical to shrink the size and numbers of conference rooms, it isn’t that simple. You need to determine the right size and type of meeting room based on how the people in your organization use a single space. New advancements in sensor technology can enable others to understand how the rooms in their building are actually used without invading the privacy of employees.

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