Workplace Design and Culture

What is workplace culture and how do you establish it? Things like values, goals and morale make up the culture of a workplace, but did you know the design of the physical space your employees work in can also have a big impact on the culture?

Today, 4Corners Business Centers, your go-to company for all your virtual office space needs, discusses the connection between workplace design and culture.

More Than Just Aesthetics

On a basic level, the workplace should reflect the company’s values. Some companies do this subtly—for example, some advertisers place artwork throughout the office space to promote the importance of creativity. Others hang up signs illustrating their company mottos.

However, company culture is more than just aesthetics. On a practical level, the workplace should also provide resources that can meet employees’ needs and help them get through the day.

Ways to Help Employees

In a fast-paced world, your workplace needs to help your employees cope with higher amounts of stress. Too much stress can lower workers’ productivity, which is why more and more companies are integrating green spaces and other natural elements into their office spaces. Several studies have observed that green urban spaces have a positive effect on mental health.

Giving employees more flexibility with their schedules is another way to help boost their productivity. For example, start-ups tend to favor virtual office spaces, which allow employees to work remotely and the company to maintain a physical address. Keep in mind that while teleconferencing is extremely useful, it’s no substitute for face-to-face discussions in physical meeting rooms.

If you want to explore more ways to redesign your workplace to better accommodate employees’ needs and boost their productivity, you can ask a local office space provider.

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