The Evolution of Office and Workplace Design

Office and workplace designs have evolved dramatically in recent years. In the past, you had to go to designated offices to report to your employer. Nowadays, office space rental services are in place, providing individuals with flexible arrangements to let them work in the way most convenient to them.

30 Years Ago

From the1970s to 1990s, most offices featured c-suites and cubicles. Independence and self-motivation were two of the most important values in the work place, with workers encouraged to remain focused from the start until the end of their daily shifts.

Technology was still developing at the time, making communication slow and cumbersome at times between coworkers, clients and others. Personal computers were introduced in the ’70s, but it took many more years before offices could take full advantage of them. With the rise of the Internet in the 1990s, everything changed.

Modern World

Workplaces are now more focused on making employees feel comfortable while working. Even the cubicles have evolved. Now, modern offices offer standing desks and comfortable work tables and chairs.

Some offices even have game rooms or gyms. Some companies invest in conference room rental services for their remote employees.

The modern era of offices prioritizes technology. Companies make use of various software, social media marketing and other technological innovations for work.

Remote work setups are becoming more and more common, creating heavy demand for faster Internet connections and remote services like meeting room rental packages for companies that hire employees in different parts of the world.

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