The 4 Benefits of an All-Hands Meeting

Many companies, especially larger ones, have mixed feelings about all-hands meetings. While such meetings can boost morale and help foster a feeling of community, they also cost a lot of money and can interrupt a business’s workflow and productivity.

Despite the potential costs, an all-hands meeting is still a useful and important tool. 4Corners Business Centers, your office space rental provider, lists the four benefits of the all-hands meeting.

1. Reinforces Company Culture

The all-hands meeting is one of the most effective ways to build and reinforce your company’s culture. Specifically, it’s one of the most efficient ways to help new employees understand your company’s philosophy and goals.

2. Connecting the Physical and the Virtual

A face-to-face, all-hands meeting helps establish that feeling of togetherness between your virtual and physical employees that a Skype or web call simply can’t replicate. In such cases, it may help to book a conference room rental, especially if you have a big company and a virtual office of comparable size.

3. Company Strategy and Goals

An all-hands meeting is the best place to unite your employees around your shared goals and to communicate your company’s overall strategy and tactics for the near-future. It’s the perfect venue to lay down the facts and communicate the steps everyone needs to take to achieve that goal.

4. All-Hands Bonding

An all-hands meeting is also the perfect venue to help employees bond with each other and simply have fun. If you want to dial up the fun in your company, an all-hands meeting is a great place to start.

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