3 Employee Motivation Killers and How to Fight Them

Everyone loses motivation at work. It usually happens only briefly, but sometimes it becomes too strong to jump ship. Unless you figure out how to keep your employees motivated, you just might have your employees looking for a fresh start elsewhere.

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Apart from being the premier source of office space rental in Brooklyn, we give you valuable nuggets about what kills your employees’ motivation and how to counter them. Here are three of the most popular:

Inadequate Rewards

The pleasure of working fades away without proper compensation. Even if you have to stick to your payroll with your tight budget, you must never forget to reward those who deserve it. Giving fair raises and launching a clearly defined incentive program wouldn’t only inspire your employees to bring out their best, but also help foster loyalty.

Bad Office Space

Your office design plays a major role in keeping your team motivated. From an optimum layout to ergonomic chairs, you have to think through every aspect of your office to nurture productivity. Other than hunting for meeting room rental in Brooklyn when discussing confidential business matters, you have to consider the type of employees you have. For instance, you shouldn’t base your office layout on the desires of your team’s extroverted members. This will keep you from making your more introverted employees uncomfortable.

No Self-Development

As you want your staff to grow professionally, you should also heed their personal development. If they keep on doing things that don’t exactly interest them, they’ll lose their drive. One way to help your employees develop is to conduct fun training. Break their everyday cycle, look up conference room rental in Brooklyn, and give them a chance to learn new, interesting things that they’ll benefit from.

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