WHO Classifies Office Burnout as an Official Diagnosis

If you’ve ever walked out of meeting rooms feeling overly stressed or if you’ve felt like you could barely keep your head above water at work, you may be inclined to say you’re “burning out.” Complaints of burnout are common in the workplace–so much so that, in a recent addition to the International Classification of Diseases, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared office burnout an officially diagnosable condition.

The Benefits of Investing in Our Virtual Office Solutions

A professional business address can speak volumes about your company and its operation. If you want a commercial business address but prefer not to rent office space, then 4Corners Business Centers can help you. We’re not just an expert in office space in Brooklyn, we can also provide you with effective virtual office services.

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4 Excellent Reasons to Choose Our Virtual Offices

One of the most important factors you should consider as a new business owner is a space for your business. Many startups need an office space that is both effective and flexible, which is why most of them choose a virtual office. This modern office space solution allows businesses to operate from nearly anywhere with the amenities necessary to maintain their productivity.

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