Common Meeting Mistakes to Avoid

Corporate meetings can be dull if not done right. Fortunately, by knowing the pitfalls that can turn a potentially productive meeting into a snooze-fest, you can avoid them when running your own meetings. Read on as 4Corners Business Centers discusses common meeting mistakes to avoid:

Unclear Agenda

When a meeting has no particular purpose, employees tend to think of them as pointless. In fact, in a recent survey by Igloo Software, 59% of the respondents reported disliking meetings that go off-topic. Creating an agenda can help you set expectations and keep the meeting on track.

Not Using Tools Properly

A professional meeting room rental space should always have the most advanced equipment for corporate use. There are some instances, however, when technical errors occur. In the Igloo Software study, 34% percent of the respondents cited technical difficulties as one the biggest problems in meetings, with output monitor issues as particularly distracting. You can avoid this by testing all the tools beforehand to ensure that everything will be in good working order during the meeting.


Using buzzwords like “paradigm shift” and “synergy” can deflect employee interest. Many of them find corporate jargon vague and irritating, instead preferring plain-language explanations that can foster easy understanding. Improving your communication skills will help you promote engagement during meetings.


You might think that having side conversations or taking calls during meetings is okay, but your colleagues probably disagree. Try to focus on delivering the information your staff needs. This makes for a more efficient and productive meeting.

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