3 Factors That Can Affect Your Business in the Coming Years

Technological advancements have changed the way people do their jobs. The emergence of electronic devices like laptops and smart phones, for example, has enabled employees to work outside the traditional office space. Consequently, business owners have to be prepared to adapt to the times. 4Corners Business Centers discusses the three factors that will affect your company in the coming years:

Social Media

Many customers rely on the Internet to gather information. They often visit a company’s website or social media accounts to get some insights about the products and services it offers. In fact, 53% of Americans who follow brands on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms are more loyal, according to a study done by The Social Habit.

You can maximize the benefits of social media by promoting your business and distributing content on social media. In the 2015 Sales Best Practices Study from the research institute MHI Global, social media was picked by the world-class companies as the most powerful way to identify key decision makers and new opportunities. Moreover, social media engagements can also make significant improvements in sales.


Managing your employees in your virtual office can be challenging. It’s important to develop strong communication skills to ensure your staff is productive. Dealing with freelance and remote workers can be even more challenging. You can expect a shift in approach to leadership when it comes to individuals who are not physically present. Creating a cohesive plan that emphasizes healthy working relationships can help you manage these employees more effectively.

Smart Devices

This term does not only cover smartphones and laptops, but it also includes tablets, smart watches, fitness trackers, and other Internet-enabled devices. All of these gadgets can connect to employer networks and access work data. Companies have to create a plausible method to ensure data security and privacy.

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