How to Foster a Positive Workplace Culture With Remote Staff

Fostering a positive culture within your team is easier said than done, and it is even more tricky to accomplish if you have remote employees working in a virtual office space. Establishing a cohesive culture with team members halfway across the globe can seem daunting—but it doesn’t have to be.

In today’s post, 4Corners Business Centers shares tips on how to create a great workplace culture with remote employees:

Tweak the Way You Communicate

If work seems to be getting done correctly and efficiently, it can be easy to go days or even weeks without catching up with your remote employees—but this is a mistake. Schedule time to check in with your staff on at least a weekly basis, whether through phone calls or video conferencing. It also helps to schedule conference calls for the whole team periodically so remote workers get a chance to interact with one another.

Foster a Sense of Shared Leadership

People working in a virtual office space often have little to no physical interaction with their leaders. It is not uncommon for your remote team to feel like just another cog on the wheel, so we recommend you create a sense of shared leadership. Instead of simply giving your remote team a list of tasks to accomplish, give them an opportunity to lead or pull their team ahead.

This tactic is beneficial for you, as a leader, too. By giving members of your remote team a chance to show some leadership, you can help them rise through the ranks. It also takes some of the pressure off you, which is always a welcome bonus.

Be Smart About Your Virtual Office Space Setup

Finally, the way your virtual office space is set up can play a huge role in your team’s culture and morale. Make sure your remote employees have access to all the tools and equipment they need to do their work productively.

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