4 Common Mistakes that Start-Up Companies Should Avoid

Starting your own business can be exciting and challenging at the same time. If you’re new to launching your own business, you may be at risk of falling into some common pitfalls for entrepreneurs. Here, your provider of premier virtual office space, 4Corners Business Centers, discusses four mistakes you should avoid:

1. Forgoing a Solid Business Plan

A key ingredient to a successful business is a solid plan. It serves as your guide to creating the future of your company. We suggest starting by answering these simple questions: What is your purpose? What are the mission, vision, and core values? Who are your targeted customers? We advise setting realistic and well-defined goals for you and your team.

2. Being Unable to Think Outside the Box

Although a good start-up plan is essential, it’s also important that you’re flexible enough to handle possible changes or adjustments. Prepare for every worst-case scenario by having a backup plan always ready. If your original office location is unavailable or is not right for your business needs, for example, you can try our virtual office solutions instead. This includes a premier downtown Brooklyn address, a local phone number, and even a receptionist to take your calls and packages—all of which we offer at a fraction of typical cost of renting an office space.

3. Ignoring Your Instincts

One of the reasons you’ve come this far in launching your own business is your instincts. Studies show that your hunch is, more often than not, the right thing to follow. If something doesn’t feel right, take the time to re-evaluate your next step. That said, make sure to balance it with data, research, and the opinions of experts. This can help you avoid other common mistakes, like wrong business launch timing, incorrect handling of your money, and hiring workers with mismatched personalities for your company.

4. Picking the Wrong Office Location

Where you set up your start-up can make or break your business. It can affect your customer satisfaction rates, your employees’ performance, and your overall operations. This is why choosing a good office space location is so important. Consider the type of business you’re running, security, and accessibility to your potential customers.

We offer fully furnished office and meeting rooms that are compatible for any type of business. Each one comes standard with fast and FREE Wi-Fi to ensure continuous and reliable connections with your partners and customers. You can rent them weekly, hourly, or even on a daily rate basis for your convenience.

For more tips on avoiding common start-up mistakes, call us at (718) 280-5170 or complete our contact form. We serve Brooklyn, NY, and nearby areas.