Building an A-Team: Understanding 4 Work Style Attitudes

Being the boss of your own company means enjoying a number of perks. You work your own hours and you do not have to answer to anyone. Most importantly, you have the satisfaction of building a venture from scratch and turning it into a success. Achieving this will be difficult, however, if you do not have an excellent team behind you.

Different employees have their own personal work style attitude. As the boss, you will need to understand each of them and harness them to build a better team. 4Corners Business Centers, your provider of the top virtual office space in Brooklyn, can help you with this. Here are four work style attitudes that you can use to get more out of your team.

  1. The Doer—They are organized and detail-oriented, coming alive when they tackle projects and complete tasks. A teammate with this work style is best when they are establishing order and structuring projects. They focus on accuracy and ensure timely and efficient work. Nonetheless, doers can be so focused that they fail to communicate what they’re doing. Make sure that a teammate with this attitude learns the essence of planning.
  2. The Lover—This teammate builds relationships, aiming for a more harmonious environment in your office space in Brooklyn. A lover tends to be sensitive and empathetic. While you cannot usually count on them to do more detail-oriented work, they can tell you how your team is really feeling. In a way, a team member with this work style attitude can help you keep tabs on employee satisfaction in the workplace.
  3. The Learner—They love research and understanding the workings of a problem.  Since they are focused on achieving the set goal and anticipate the outcome, they can keep your project on budget. This kind of work style attitude results in a more disciplined and strategic way of thinking. A learner, however, can get lost without a supporting team that can implement their plans and solutions.
  4. The Creative—They see the big picture and suggest changes that can improve business operations and enhance workplace environment. Creative types invent solutions and merge different ideas together to form a cohesive whole. Since they ensure variety, the workplace won’t lack for new ideas.

Understanding different work style attitudes is essential, but you need a workplace that inspires interactive and efficient work between the above-mentioned types. Turn to 4Corners Business Centers, your provider of a quality virtual office in Brooklyn. With our range of fully furnished office spaces, you can expect harmony and productivity from your team without compromising comfort.

Our offices come with all the amenities you need to compete in the corporate world. These include advanced technology and communications solutions. Whether you are establishing a business presence or looking for a space that allows for improved efficiency in your team, turn to 4Corners Business Centers.

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