How Colors Affect Work Performance and Mood

There are many ways to improve employee performance and mood. You can start with livening up your office space in Brooklyn. Colors are known to create a reaction from your brain, affecting how you handle tasks and activities.

Fast food companies use red, yellow, and orange to stimulate appetite. In your workspace, you can encourage focus and recall with shades of red. You can use blue to enhance employee creativity. Yellow shades can release serotonin in your brains, which causes a happy mood.

If you want to portray authority in the workplace, you can try using black shades. This hue also represents knowledge and intelligence. Companies use green to alleviate stress in the workplace, which makes it an ideal color for meeting rooms. For office lounges, you can stick with white, which displays a calming effect.

To help you choose the right hue, the leading provider of many a virtual office space in Brooklyn, 4Corners Business Centers, lists these tips:

  • Consistency and coordination are important factors when it comes to choosing tones. If you’re not using the same color, make sure you choose complementary colors. You can use accent colors for trims and wall décor.
  • Striped walls can be monotonous, diverting attention instead of making an employee more focused.
  • Light and primary colors are always safe options because they elevate mood, motivation, and analytical abilities. Your color options include blue, green, orange, pale gold, and soft yellow.
  • Low-wavelength hues improve efficiency and focus while high-wavelength colors are passion-inspiring colors.
  • Dark shades create a gloomy effect in your office space.

You can pave the way to your start-up’s success with the right color choice. 4Corners Business Centers can also provide you with the right tools and equipment to make success easier to reach. We provide fully equipped meeting rooms and even an alternative virtual office in Brooklyn, NY. We are conveniently located in the bustling Tech Triangle, accessible through different subway stations.

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