How Co-Working Can Benefit Entrepreneurs and Solo Lawyers

There’s a rising interest in start-ups these days. With larger corporations downsizing and many small businesses thriving, solo entrepreneurs and law practitioners are becoming bolder. Many have found a way to maximize flexibility and productivity at the same time: the co-working space.

What is Co-Working
Nowadays, pretty much all you need to start your own business is a profitable idea and a solid Internet connection. As a result, more entrepreneurs are tapping into the potential of co-working spaces.

Think of them as ‘rental’ business studios. In a co-working space you still have the basic traditional office set-up (desk, chair, and fast Internet), but you’ll be sharing a space with other entrepreneurs who are also working remotely. As you can work flexible hours, it’s ideal for business owners who can’t or doesn’t need to work regular hours.

Benefits of Co-Working
This type of office space rental in Brooklyn is attractive for many reasons. Co-working spaces come in different sizes and varieties. Manyinclude access to fully furnished meeting rooms and receptionist services. Readily available technologies, such as Wi-Fi connections, fax, and working phones also increase productivity.

Additionally, with a co-working space you’re getting the basic features of a full-time office at a fraction of its original cost. It’s a cost-effective way of conducting business, especially if you’re an entrepreneur who’s always on the go. You’d be wasting money paying for a traditional office if you’re not going to be there half the time.

The social aspect of co-working is also one of the reasons it is popular these days. Working at a shared office space allows you to connect with other entrepreneurs or professionals. Collaboration is also possible, and definitely easier. These things are necessary for modern businesses to thrive. In an increasingly knowledge-based economy like ours, influence (or social) capital has become more important.

Benefits for Solo Law Practitioners
Co-working spaces benefit attorneys who prefer to work remotely rather than at a law firm.For one, it’s more affordable. Renting a full-time law office can be a big burden, especiallyfor solo practitioners. Through co-working, you can keep costs down while still getting the basic amenities and facilities of a traditional office.

Many business centers offering co-working spaces, such as 4Corners Business Centers, arestrategically located. Prestigious addresses addan air of professionalism that can significantly impress clients. Co-working spaces are generally in locations that can be easily accessed by public transportation, making them convenient for meeting clients. Co-working lawyers also have access to meeting rooms, where they can protect the privacy of their clients and cases.

If you’re an entrepreneur or an attorney on the go, we at 4Corners Business Centers have just the office space for your professional needs. We offer fully furnished virtual office space and meeting room rental in Brooklyn locations that will give your business or practice the boost it needs.

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