Study: Telecommuting Can Actually Benefit Work Performance

Last year, a study by a business professor from the University of Illinois attempted to link telecommuting to good performance and employee behavior. Here’s what they found out:

Employers are Generally Wary of Telecommuting
Telecommuting has been around for quite a while and many people have long been debating its impact on the workplace. However, Marissa Mayer’s surprising decision in 2013 to ban telecommuting at Internet services giant Yahoo! that brought the debate to the fore once more.

Professor Ravi S. Gajendran, lead author of said study, remarked that a lot of employers tend to assume the worst when it comes to working remotely. Many seem to think that it’s not good for performance.

As there was little evidence to back up this claim, Gajendran and his team analyzed data from hundreds of employees and supervisors across a wide spectrum of organizations. What they found was most striking.

Telecommuting is Good for Performance
Turns out, employees who work remotely are actually productive. In fact, telecommuters are likely to justify their flexible work arrangement by upping their task-based performance. Call it overcompensation or genuine appreciation, but many try to make their work presence more visible so that the company will think of them as assets.

It could also be that they’re trying to avoid co-worker resentment, Gajendran said. They want their colleagues to think they’re still being helpful despite that special arrangement. They put in a little more effort so as not to put strain on existing work relationships.

Telecommuting May Improve Corporate Citizenship
According to Gajendran, telecommuting may have a positive effect on “contextual performance” as well. Also known as organizational citizenship behavior, it involves everything from being a helpful colleague to being a dedicated employee to the company. Contextual performance can be hard to achieve if you’re working remotely. What happens is that telecommuters put in more effort to be seen as “corporate citizens” precisely because they’re rarely seen in the office.They’re more aware of following rules, working extra hard, and so on.

Virtual Office Space as Effective Form of Telecommuting
Telecommuters are not required to show up in the company office at regular hours, which means they are free to conduct their business elsewhere. Some choose to work from their homes, while others prefer in coffee shops.

Working from these places brings with it unparalleled flexibility and autonomy –but also endless distractions. Both the home and your neighborhood coffee shop are filled with noises and sights that come at you from all directions and disrupt your work. So what’s a telecommuter to do?

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