Fast Facts on Sleep and Productivity

Every company strives to hire and retain productive employees. One way to help boost productivity is to ensure you’re getting enough sleep at night.

Here’s what meeting room rental providers 4Corners Business Centers has to share about sleep and productivity:

Hours of Sleep Needed to Be Productive

In order to remain at peak performance, your employees will need to sleep a certain amount of hours. While this numbers differs for everyone, most health experts say that the average adult requires seven to nine hours to be able to perform at their best.

Sleep Deprivation Promotes Risk-Taking Behavior

Sleep deprivation reduces the brain’s inhibitory capacity, which means an employee’s willingness to engage in risk-taking behavior can suddenly increase. Sleep deprivation also diminishes regard for the consequences of such behavior, including the potential for a risky decision to have damaging effects on the company.

Sleep Deprivation Causes Poor Communication

Sleep deprivation can result in poor concentration as the employee’s attention span is significantly reduced. They may not be able to communicate properly because they can’t think clearly and can’t focus properly. While the right conference room rental can help boost productivity, there’s not much that can compensate for sleep deprivation.

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