7 Ways to Become a More Environmentally Friendly Company

More and more businesses around the world are striving to become more sustainable and eco-friendly. These are lofty goals that are unfortunately easier said than done in many cases. One place to start is by attempting to make your office or conference room rental more environmentally friendly. Here are some tips.

  1. Add Plenty of Indoor Plants – Indoor plants can make your office greener, helping improve indoor air quality and the overall health of employees. Apart from that, indoor plants are also aesthetically appealing and can help improve the ambiance of your space.
  2. Set up a Composting Station – A composting station allows your company to reduce the amount of trash it sends to landfills. This helps create a cleaner and greener environment for everyone in the long run.
  3. Switch to LED Bulbs – Incandescent light bulbs are a common sight in a virtual office space. However, if you want your company to be more environmentally sustainable this year, consider switching to LED bulbs as they can help you save a significant amount on your energy bills.
  4. Invest in Reusable Products – If the office pantry is full of disposable products and utensils, consider making the switch to reusables instead. This isn’t just more sustainable from an environmental perspective–it’s also far more cost effective.
  5. Install Aerators – Install aerators on all the faucets and sinks in the office. Doing so will save a significant amount of water.
  6. Encourage Green Commutes – Commuting to the office with your own car contributes to the gas emissions that cause harm to the planet. Encouraging your staff to consider green commute options, such as public transportation or carpooling. If you desire, you can even incentivize those who walk or bike to work.
  7. Cut Down on Paper Use – This year, make it a point to try and digitize all your office documents instead of using hundreds of reams of paper for documentation. Bonus: You’ll save on paper costs.

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