How Open Office Layouts Mark the End of Office C-Suites

Traditionally, offices were designed with structure in mind, putting more emphasis on privacy and individuality than collaboration. In many traditional office spaces, the only place where employees could hold meetings were an in-office conference room or conference room rental. Today, more and more office landscapes are favoring open layouts, changing the look and feel of corporate settings for good.

In today’s post, the team at 4Corners Business Centers explores the core values behind this growing trend.

A Reflection on Office Culture

An open layout lends itself well to cooperation and teamwork and removes the physical barriers that seem to wall-in employees unnecessarily. In addition, collaborative work seems to favor out-of-office settings, necessitating the need for an occasional meeting room rental every now and then.

Executive Suites

Higher-ups have also been eschewing exclusive spaces for their work. In fact, many organizations have been finding ways to remove executive suites from their layouts entirely, instead going for a more open option with half barriers to maintain security and privacy when needed. Depending on the needs of the organization, certain additions may be included for security purposes.


A larger business center will probably still have the need for executive suites; however, certain design considerations still allow for a setup that fits the growing trend of open layouts. For example, the traditional corner offices of CEOs and presidents are being replaced by semi-isolated corners with half walls or pseudo-barriers.

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