How Workplace Flexibility Affects Employee Wellness

Flexible—this is the word that best describes the modern workplace. Flexible workplace policies such as telecommuting and unconventional schedules aren’t just good for productivity; they can also affect employee wellness in a positive way. In today’s blog post, 4Corners Business Centers, your local conference room rental provider, takes a closer look at the relationship between flexible workplaces and employee wellness.

Flexibility in the Workplace

More and more companies are eschewing the traditional nine-to-five grind in favor of more flexible hours. With a flexible workplace, employees can more easily attend to their own or their families’ wellness. Spending time with their spouse or children, exercising at the gym and getting enough sleep all promote a sound mind and body.

In general, flexible work policies and strategies result in healthier, more productive employees. With a flexible workplace, employees are less prone to stress, anxiety and burnout.

The Perks of a Flexible Workplace

Flexible work policies and strategies also allow employees to maximize their hours should additional working hours be required. Apart from working from home, they can choose to settle in meeting rooms and private offices for rent that offer flexible working hours, high-speed Internet, and VoIP phones.

Companies should strive to create policies that promote workplace flexibility, taking into consideration the hours, output and geographical location of their employees. A variety of options are available, such as output-based work where employees can do their jobs at their own pace and time provided that they turn in their deliverables on time. Another option is to require employees to complete eight hours of work per day, but with flexible start and end times.

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