Hitting the High Note: Ending Your Meetings the Right Way

Running effective meetings results in better productivity from your employees. Business owners need to plan purposeful meetings, create realistic and effective agendas and keep meetings on track. As the top choice for office space rental, we also know the value of how to end meetings effectively.

Here are some tips to help you run more effective meetings:

End With an Action Plan

End the meeting with a clear plan of action for all participants. Make a brief list of what must take place for your team or company to move forward. Next, remind everyone about the big picture and the goals they will help achieve. Also, project a positive view as this will make everyone eager to do their part.

Don’t Let the Meeting Drag

Goals are never met while you are sitting and listening during a meeting. Keep your meetings short, direct and to the point. As your trusted conference room rental company, we encourage you to set a timer. Set it to ten minutes before the scheduled end to remind you to start wrapping things up.

Highlight the Positive

Keeping your team’s energy levels up will make them more productive. At the end of the meeting, highlight the team’s positive contributions for the company. If they feel some sense of accomplishment, they will be motivated to work harder. End on a high note and your team members will have positive memories about the meeting.

Welcome Feedback

Many meetings are dominated by only a few. Reserve the last five to 10 minutes of each meeting for feedback and comments. Give all team members an opportunity to have their say without interruptions. This will make them feel heard and could open new possibilities as the meeting comes to an end.

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