4 Ways You Can Make Meetings Shorter

The most productive meetings tend to be those that are short and sweet. Meetings that run on and on are a time sink for everyone. They tend to be less productive and can even be detrimental to morale.

In today’s post, 4Corners Business Centers, your office space rental company, lists four ways you can make meetings shorter and more productive.

1. Set a Clear Agenda and Distribute It in Advance

Before you begin the meeting, make sure you let the people involved know exactly what will be discussed at the meeting. By setting a detailed agenda, you set expectations ahead of time and can much more easily keep the conversation on track.

2. Make Sure the Conference Room Is Well-Equipped

The conference room where you’re holding the meeting should be fully equipped with all the necessary materials, equipment and technology. At 4Corners Business Centers, we offer comfortable, convenient and technologically advanced conference room rental solutions. We have a variety of fully furnished office and meeting spaces to suit your needs.

3. Keep Your Invite List Small

A common mistake is inviting all of your team to take part in the meeting, even if the topic at hand is only applicable to two to three people. Invite only the people you absolutely require for the meeting to avoid wasting others’ time.

4. Schedule the Meeting at an Appropriate Time

No one wants to be torn away from an important or time-sensitive task to participate in a lengthy, unproductive meeting. Schedule meetings well in advance so your employees can make arrangements to be there and have adequate time to prepare.

At 4Corners Business Centers, we offer innovative meeting room rental solutions. Our fully furnished conference rooms allow you to save money on furniture, equipment and upkeep. Call us today at (718) 280-5170 for more information on our services. We offer office space rentals throughout The Scarsdale, NY.