Why Investing in a Virtual Office is a Great Idea

Finding the perfect office space for rent can be tedious work. You must pay attention to every detail, including choosing the most accessible location for your clients and creating a budget for additional expenses. All of this work, however, will pay off once you start realizing the gains you can get from it. Let 4Corners Business Centers explain the benefits of investing in a virtual office space.

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Go Virtual: Manage Your Workforce the Virtual Way

Working in a virtual office is one of the most rewarding career paths today. It gives employees freedom from long commutes, constricted workspaces, and other such issues associated with the daily grind. It is, however, not without its share of potential problems. Not to worry though. With these helpful tips, you can successfully manage your virtual workforce for optimum productivity:

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Attorneys Who Practice in New York Must Have An Office in New York

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals recently came out with a ruling that upheld a 154-year-old requirement that lawyers who practice in New York State and do not live in the State must keep a physical address in the State.  Consequently, out-of-state attorneys who want to practice in New York must have a physical location … Read more

Ways A Small Office Can Look Big

A small law firm or even a solo practitioner can present an image of a large and active law firm without spending lots of money.  Visit many small law firm websites and you will see that they claim to have three, four, or even five locations.  Many of these firms have only one or two … Read more

What’s in a Place: Virtual Space and Corporate Success

If you’ve ever had to conduct business online, you’ll understand what we mean when we say there’s something a little off-putting about a company that you can’t reach out to. We may not acknowledge it, but our levels of trust dip somewhat when we don’t have — at the very least — a number that we can call for our inquiries and questions. For companies just starting up, the lack of an actual office makes sense — it costs quite a lot to rent space in areas that will get you the best exposure.

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