Effective Ways to Interview and Hire Remote Employees

Thanks to technological advancements, more and more employers are hiring remote employees from around the globe and allowing them to be productive anytime and anywhere they can access a stable Internet connection. In today’s blog post, local conference room rental provider 4Corners Business Centers provides some tips for interviewing and hiring remote employees.

How Workplace Flexibility Affects Employee Wellness

Flexible—this is the word that best describes the modern workplace. Flexible workplace policies such as telecommuting and unconventional schedules aren’t just good for productivity; they can also affect employee wellness in a positive way. In today’s blog post, 4Corners Business Centers, your local conference room rental provider, takes a closer look at the relationship between flexible workplaces and employee wellness.

How Open Office Layouts Mark the End of Office C-Suites

Traditionally, offices were designed with structure in mind, putting more emphasis on privacy and individuality than collaboration. In many traditional office spaces, the only place where employees could hold meetings were an in-office conference room or conference room rental. Today, more and more office landscapes are favoring open layouts, changing the look and feel of corporate settings for good.

WHO Classifies Office Burnout as an Official Diagnosis

If you’ve ever walked out of meeting rooms feeling overly stressed or if you’ve felt like you could barely keep your head above water at work, you may be inclined to say you’re “burning out.” Complaints of burnout are common in the workplace–so much so that, in a recent addition to the International Classification of Diseases, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared office burnout an officially diagnosable condition.

Traditional vs. Virtual Offices: A Comparison

The traditional office set-up with corridors lined with cubicles and stuffy meeting rooms is quickly becoming a thing of the past for many businesses. More and more start-ups are realizing they can save significant money on overhead expenses by ditching the traditional office space and instead going virtual. Not only does this save money, but it also provides more flexibility for employees, which can translate to more productivity.

5 Conference Room Etiquette Rules to Follow

Conference rooms are shared spaces where professionalism is valued above all else. Whether you’re the one who set up the meeting or one of the attendees, it’s important to conduct yourself in such a manner that will reflect well on the company you represent. To avoid misunderstandings and embarrassing blunders, meeting room rental company, 4Corners Business Centers, lists five conference room etiquette rules it’s important to follow.

Effective Ways to Boost Virtual Office Productivity

Working in a virtual office space offers significant advantages over working in a traditional office. However, employees in virtual offices are still bound to encounter certain issues in terms of productivity. In today’s blog post, virtual office rental company 4Corners Business Centers shares three simple but effective tips for boosting the productivity levels of remote workers.

Essentials to Run Your Virtual Office Seamlessly

Virtual offices offer a world of opportunity for business owners who want to run and grow a business while minimizing expenses. A virtual office will enable you to reach a global talent pool, help to drive up productivity and allow you to make the most of your limited time. In this post, 4Corners Business Centers talks about the essentials your virtual office shouldn’t be without: