The Science of an Effective Meeting

Though advancements in digital technology have made our lives more convenient in many ways, there are also some negatives. One of those is the fact that the attention span of the average person is plummeting, with a recent study by Microsoft Corp estimating it to be as low as eight seconds. There are many downsides to this, not the least of which is the struggle of holding an effective meeting.

How 5G Technology Will Empower the Digital Workplace

Advancements in technology are changing the workplace for everyone, especially now that more and more elements of the traditional office space are giving way to digital solutions. One of these advancements is the standards-based mobile 5G service that has the potential to completely revolutionize the way we work in much the same way the Internet did. Here are three ways this technology will change the digital workplace over the coming years, according to industry analysts and experts:

Grow Your Business by Downsizing Your Office Space

You don’t need a large, sprawling office to have a strong business. In fact, you can actually grow your business more quickly and effectively by investing downsizing to a virtual office space rental. At 4Corners Business Centers, our clients grow their businesses precisely by being smart with their rental choices.

5 Conference Room Etiquette Rules to Follow

Conference rooms are shared spaces where professionalism is valued above all else. Whether you’re the one who set up the meeting or one of the attendees, it’s important to conduct yourself in such a manner that will reflect well on the company you represent. To avoid misunderstandings and embarrassing blunders, meeting room rental company, 4Corners Business Centers, lists five conference room etiquette rules it’s important to follow.

Effective Ways to Boost Virtual Office Productivity

Working in a virtual office space offers significant advantages over working in a traditional office. However, employees in virtual offices are still bound to encounter certain issues in terms of productivity. In today’s blog post, virtual office rental company 4Corners Business Centers shares three simple but effective tips for boosting the productivity levels of remote workers.

5 Ways to Decline a Meeting Invite Politely

Meeting invites don’t come free of strings; accepting one usually means missing out on something else. But even if you could attend all the meetings you get invited to, you shouldn’t, because some of them just aren’t worth the time and energy. The problem is, many of us are afraid to say no to avoid seeming rude or inconsiderate.

Essentials to Run Your Virtual Office Seamlessly

Virtual offices offer a world of opportunity for business owners who want to run and grow a business while minimizing expenses. A virtual office will enable you to reach a global talent pool, help to drive up productivity and allow you to make the most of your limited time. In this post, 4Corners Business Centers talks about the essentials your virtual office shouldn’t be without: