How the Gig Economy Is Affecting the Workplace

Workers who are employed through part-time, freelance or temporary jobs have created a whole new industry, which is changing the way professionals look at the traditional 9-to-5 setup. In this article, 4Corners Business Centers, a trusted company that offers virtual office and conference room rental, discusses how the gig economy is reshaping the workplace.

What Is the Gig Economy?

The “gig economy” has been around for decades. However, it was only with the emergence of online marketplaces and smartphone technology that the term began to refer to independent and freelance positions.

Basically, the gig economy refers to freelance or contract employment. At a glance, it’s easy to spot the risks and disadvantages of this kind of work — there’s no income stability and you’re not protected by employment rights that usually come with traditional full-time jobs. But what makes the gig economy an attractive option especially for younger professionals is the flexibility of location and time.

Being able to work from the comfort of home when it suits you, plus the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, are just some of the perks that traditional employment can’t offer.

How Does It Affect the Standard Workplace?

The gig economy has also led to the creation of collaborative workspaces. A lot of gig workers are extroverts who like engaging with clients and other professionals and who seek social opportunities at work. A virtual office space can serve this purpose, and it has essentially birthed a whole new industry specifically devoted to shared workspaces.

Due to the redefined workplace expectations of employees, experts say the gig economy has made employers more focused on employee retention. Today, employers customize company and employment benefits to suit their employees’ varying needs. Such customized benefits can be a big draw for prospective employees.

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