5 Ways to Decline a Meeting Invite Politely

Meeting invites don’t come free of strings; accepting one usually means missing out on something else. But even if you could attend all the meetings you get invited to, you shouldn’t, because some of them just aren’t worth the time and energy. The problem is, many of us are afraid to say no to avoid seeming rude or inconsiderate.

However, saying yes to each invite isn’t good either. Rather than doing things like booking several meetings concurrently, failing to prepare for the ones you do attend or arriving late, strongly consider declining the ones with the least value. As the authority on meeting room rental and virtual office solutions, 4Corners Business Centers shares way to pull it off politely:

  1. Soften the Blow

First of all, don’t offend the sender of the meeting invite by simply saying no. You could explain why you can’t attend, but even if you don’t, you should always at least show appreciation for the invitation. Strive to be direct without appearing insensitive.

  1. Keep the Door Open

4Corners Business Centers knows that saying no shouldn’t be the end of the conversation. You can decline and invite and still express your willingness to attend if you could. Even if you’ve already reflected on it and decided not to go, taking this route leaves open the possibility that the organizer could still change your mind (in their mind, at least).

  1. Offer to Send a Representative

If you’re not the best person to attend the meeting, perhaps you could send a proxy to stand in for you. After all, your representative can take the minutes and fill you in later on what was discussed. Any conference room and office space rental specialist would agree that it could help one of your staffers gain some experience.

  1. Be Willing to Accept Work Assignments

Your absence doesn’t mean you’re immune to responsibilities. Make it clear that you commit to any decisions made during the meeting, and you’re willing to accept any work that’s assigned to you.

  1. Request to Attend Only a Portion of It (or Reschedule)

If you really must be present, ask the organizer if you can attend just part the meeting, or ask if it can be rescheduled altogether due to conflicts. This way, you don’t have to reject an invite or sacrifice one commitment for the sake of another

If you’re the one setting up a meeting, a conference room rental will help to demonstrate professionalism, ensure privacy and allow you to meet in comfort. 4Corners Business Centers can provide you the space and all the amenities you might need to discuss serious business matters or close important deals. Call us at (718) 280-5170 to discuss your needs for your meeting space in Scarsdale, NY.