How to Claim the ‘Power Seat’

Where you sit during meetings clearly indicates who you are in the group. The term “power seat” is greatly connected to power dynamics. As children, we were unconciously programmed to this social cue. We follow the person who claims what appears to be the throne. 4Corners Business Centers, your leading provider of office space rental, discusses how you can claim the power seat.

Understanding the Position

During mealtimes, your mother or father would probably sit at the opposite ends of the table, suggesting that they were the people who had the authority. This unstated message is basically the same in the corporate setup. It indicates leadership, dominance and your importance to the group.

Square or Round Table Discussions

If you are in an office or conference room with a rectangular table, you might notice that everyone can sit in a “combative or corner position”. In this setting, you can take the power seat by moving your chair backwards a little – but not too far – or else it will be taken as a sign of disinterest.

Circular tables demonstrate equal status. The use of these tables distributes the power, making it difficult for the person-in-charge to facilitate a meeting. Similar to the square table setting strategy, you should position your chair several inches away from the table and eliminate the unused seats next to you.

Seat Plan

Once you have claimed the power seat, it is also important that you recognize where your clients are situated. By understanding the concept of “who’s-sitting-where”, you will begin to notice how the distribution of power changes based on positioning.

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