7 Time Management Tips for Better Work Performance

More time to do tasks means more money and productivity, ensuring growth for your start-up. To help you manage your time wisely, here are seven tips from 4Corners Business Centers, your leading source of office space in Brooklyn:

  1. Shut off interruptions or distractions. If you cannot reduce distractions, you can change the way you handle them. If you are doing one task and another arrives, prioritize which one you should finish first.
  2. Plan the day before you start. Set aside 10 to 15 minutes of your workday to list your tasks. After writing down the things you want to accomplish for the day, you can tick them off one by one. Writing tasks down also helps you separate unproductive tasks for the day.
  3. Learn when to multitask. You should know when to focus on a task so you will not compromise quality. You can finish small tasks ahead so you can focus on larger goals before the end of the day.
  4. Set goals before meetings or calls for shared offices or a virtual office space in Brooklyn. This way, you can assess if the meeting was worth it.
  5. Avoid unnecessary tasks. These include checking social media sites or making unnecessary phone calls. Be strict in drawing the line between what’s urgent and what’s not.
  6. Distinguish clock time vs. real time. Clock time is the exact hours and minutes in a day, while real time is where time drags on depending on what you are doing.
  7. Avoid answering phone calls or e-mails while doing an important task. You can set your status to busy and keep mobile phones on silent mode.

These tips can help you allot time for more important tasks so you can meet your goals at the end of the day. With 4Corners Business Centers, all you have to worry about is your company. We offer fully equipped meeting rooms and provide services for many a virtual office in Brooklyn, NY. We aim to help you reduce costs and increase productivity.

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