Ways A Small Office Can Look Big

A small law firm or even a solo practitioner can present an image of a large and active law firm without spending lots of money.  Visit many small law firm websites and you will see that they claim to have three, four, or even five locations.  Many of these firms have only one or two attorneys.  How do they do it without going broke?

The answer is a Virtual Office.  First, establish your main, full-time office, let’s call that your Headquarters.  This is where your staff sits, where you store your files, and where you spend most of your time.  However, you get calls from potential clients in other parts of town who do not want to come to your Headquarters.  Getting a full-time office in those parts of town is expensive and there isn’t enough business to justify paying the rent and hiring a full-time person to sit there.  The solution: find a Virtual Office that also provides Meeting Rooms.  The Virtual Office should only cost you about $79/month and make sure that there are Meeting Rooms that you can rent by the hour.  You can even have your mail forwarded to your Headquarters.

The more satellite offices you have, the bigger your brand becomes. 

Your clients don’t know that your office is a Virtual Office.  After all, they can meet you in the Meeting Rooms and they can send mail to you there.  By having Virtual Offices in different parts of the city, you will be increasing your potential client pool and increasing your revenue.  The more clients you have, the more referrals you will receive.

4Corners Business Centers provides Virtual Offices and Meeting Rooms in downtown Brooklyn, right across from all the courts.  Visit our website, www.4cornersbc.com for more information and to sign up.