5 Ways to Build a Fun and Productive Work Environment

It’s natural for employees to look for a fun workplace. After all, who wants to work at least eight hours a day in a lifeless and mundane environment, where all you hear is the sound of your coworker’s typing and your boss’s phone ringing nonstop?

On the other hand, every office space in Brooklyn requires collaborative effort to be fun and interactive. Nowadays, the competition in businesses, especially in start-ups, is intensifying. If you need some advice in staying motivated or if you are a business owner, you might find these tips helpful:

1. Encourage Friendly Competition. Nothing beats a good adrenaline rush. Whether it’s a work-related challenge or not, competition can get your team’s blood pumping. Work-related competition will keep your workplace vibrant, and you might just discover a new talent. It’s a fun way to identify your workers’ strengths and weaknesses. Friendly competitions done outside office hours will serve as healthy diversions from the daily grind.

2. Go Out as a Team. Another way to promote fun in your workplace is by socializing off-site. You can treat them occasionally to lunch or dinner. It doesn’t have to be grand—you just need to be sincere. Offices where both employees and bosses get along are likely to succeed than workplaces that don’t. Of course, you don’t have to be best friends with each other—you simply need to know enough in order to get along.

3. Use Your Breaks. Contrary to what many workers think, productivity doesn’t equate to the number of hours that you clock in. Productivity is making the most of your allocated time for working. That means when it’s time to take a break, use it. If you’re a business owner, you might want to encourage your workers to make the most out of their breaks. According to Entrepreneur.com, breaks result in better productivity, fresher minds, and greater creativity.

4. Celebrate Successes, Big or Small. Sometimes businesses, particularly start-ups, tend to forget to celebrate achievements. It doesn’t have to be a major event, such as a promotion. You can pop a bottle of champagne open over a good performance last quarter or perhaps over a big client that you recently acquired. It’s not about what you treat your workers with—it’s all about acknowledgement. Employees need to be recognized once in a while. It keeps their flame of passion burning. Furthermore, nothing feels better than reaping the rewards of a job well done.

5. Boost Interaction through a Virtual Office. If you want your team to actually enjoy their work, provide an interactive workplace. This is one of the strong suits of a virtual office space in Brooklyn. At 4Corners Business Centers, we provide the best virtual office space solutions. We take care of everything from an actual street address, a local phone number and a receptionist, to technology. What’s great about virtual offices is that it encourages collaboration and teamwork.

What can be more ideal than a workplace that that allows people to connect, be productive, and have fun? Gone are the days when employees simply work for a living. While that is still the main goal, factors such as fulfillment and passion also have a big role to play.

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